The Vegan Dilemma

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We care for nature. We love (very much) Animals. We care for you (Yes, we truly do), and we also love Fashion, very much.



Fashion has been here since ever, and it’s not going anywhere. We see fashion as a way of expressing who we are, without having to speak it. One of the biggest frustrations is seeing a really cool item and finding out it’s not vegan. That happened to one of our members a few days ago with a pair of pink-nude matte beautiful sneakers, made from leather. We have a sneakers obsession, but really, who doesn’t?


We were facing the usual dilemma. We don’t buy non-vegan products. But they are so beautiful. And the mind started the usual loop of thoughts about the desire to be fashionable versus the ethics and compassion for animals.

It's only fair one would be able to buy cool stuff. One would be able to express its attitude and personality and, certainly not feeling lack of freedom and creativity when it comes to my apparel. Yes, we are vegans, and happy vegans I must say. (No, she didn’t buy the shoes.)


It’s cool to be cool. And maybe being truly cool is being happy and complete with ourselves, right? Maybe that’s the true meaning of not giving a f*ck? Doing good for ourselves. Doing our most good. Everyday. It’s not about what we CAN’T do. It’s about doing every single day, our utmost.




We will be YOUR personal assistant. We will be sending recommendations of cool products - From shoes, apparel, cosmetics and accessories to home styling, kids, babies, and much more. Both for men or women or other.


We are kickstarting our venture with the hope of creating harmony between human consumption, animals well being and planet earth. However, we are always learning and might not be always perfect. Please share with us your desires, frustrations, feedback, questions or anything you feel like sharing.  Join us.


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